Current Version Version: 2.1.2
Author StormBASIC S.L.
Price $4.00

"The game’s polish in graphics, sound and control scheme gives you the feel of playing a part in a movie and there is just the right amount of tension and fun to keep you around to the final reel."
-- appVersity --

"The game is another must have... Otherwise, we wouldn’t have covered it. If you get tired of the male iDracula hero, why not try the beautiful and blessed 7Days Apocalypse character?"
-- The AppPera --

"If Troma made an iPhone game, it'd be 7 Days Apocalypse..."
-- PocketGamer --


Seven days. Only Seven Days to the coming of the Apocalypse!
An unknown virus called the S-Virus is killing the human population and turning survivors into carnivorous zombies…could there be any other kind of zombie?!

Humankind has just one hope for the future-Dr. Kayla Cupper. Dr. Cupper has discovered the source of the infection, but she needs time.
Your mission is to protect her, while she develops & synthesizes a cure to contain the virus.

Prepare yourself to the most intense 3D game for iPhone/iPod Touch!

- Intense 3D action—Amazing 3D graphics & animations.
- Online scores
- Weapons Arsenal: Guns, Shotgun, Plasma...and Chainsaws!
- Two Gameplay Modes: History and Survival modes.
- 14 Missions in History Mode
- Different 3D game views: Back camera and Overhead Perspectives.
- Autosave feature.

At StormBASIC games we worked very hard to make 7DA the best game possible.
We hope that you enjoy this game and tell your friends!

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Keywords: 7DA, Mutation, Horror, Zombies, Survival, 3D, Ghost, 7 Days, Apocalypse.

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