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Description Phone to Phone Gun Battles is Here! Shooting a gun simulator by yourself gets boring.

Download the latest iGuns and play interactively with your friends (requires WIFI connectivity and players on same local area network).

See our youtube video at Also check out our new app Shooting Range. You can view a demo at

Other Free Upgrade Items

- Peer Peer (Phone to Phone) Gun Battles! (requires WIFI). Bluetooth coming soon!
- Reloads (clips and bullets)!
- Much better gun animation
- Upgraded Revolver Gun
- Better trigger pull on pistol and revolver
- Gun Zoom capability (press the zoom button to zoom in and out of gun)
- Shell animation on Modern Pistol
- Revolver spin sound effects


Gun Battles:

NOTE: If you have "Enforce Gun Position During Battle" turned on, you need to have the phone/iPod facing straight down on your side (like a gun in a holster) during the countdown. Also, to hit the other player, the gun must be facing straight out.

1. Tap the settings button
2. Tap the Find Player button
3. Pair your device with another player by selecting their device name
4. Tap the Battle button (the device will start counting down)
5. Fire away!

To reset the game or start a new battle, simply tap the Battle button


Modern Pistol
1. Shoot until empty
2. Once the clip is released, tap and drag back into the gun

1. Shoot until empty
2. Tap and drag the bullets into the cylinder holes. When you've filled the cylinder, the gun will be ready to shoot

Machine Gun and Military Gun
1. Shoot until empty.
2. Once the clip is released, tap and drag back into the gunThis app is endless fun, giving you the ability to simulate shooting many types of guns including automatic rifles, revolvers and modern pistols.

Experience the thrill of realistic bullet sounds, vibrations and different firearm behaviors. Turn on background music to increase the drama of your role-play.

Each gun offers its own unique experience of cocking, trigger pull and sound/bullet effects. It's a great way to relieve stress or just show off your arsenal to your friends.

Special Notes: Shot gun can be cocked by shaking the phone back and forth. The machine gun has two triggers one for standard shooting and one for grenade launches.

Which one of the iGuns will be your favorite?

Our next version will focus heavily on Gun additions. We have been gathering your requests and feedback.

We will continue to refine the app based on feedback sent to The next version of iGuns will blow your mind, so stay posted. Also, let us know your thoughts on twitter @invocore.

DISCLAIMER: These are not real guns! Please obey all laws and use your iGuns responsibly.

This app is suited for those who like who like: Armory, Pocket God, iWeapon, iTazer, iScattergun, iGrenade, iHandgun, iMachinegun, Bang!Bang!, Armory, iShoot, Shotgun, Flight Control,