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Price $3.00
Description With iPhlix, you can:

-Add, Delete and Reorder items in your Instant and Disc Queues
-View hi-res cover art from the details view
-Manage multiple profiles and accounts (just sign in to the right account or profile on the Netflix linking page)
-Search for similar titles from any title
-Share movie recommendations with friends
-Search for Actors, Directors, Movies (can also filter by Blu-ray or Instant)
-View web page or filmography for most actors and directors
-Get right to where you want to be right away by choosing your own start tab (e.g. Search, Instant Queue, Disc Queue, etc.)
-Swipe a title in "For You" to indicate you're not interested (Delete from recommendations)
-Option to load queue in segments (25, 50, or 100, or Off)
-Quick scroll gets you through a list quickly
-Flip upside down to jump to the end of a list

Special thanks to Alex Marchuk for help with the graphics.

Have you ever been out with friends and everyone's quoting that great movie that everyone seems to have seen but you?

Or what about when you’re on the go, and you hear an ad for the DVD release of that one film you never got around to seeing in theaters?

With iPhlix, managing your Netflix queue from anywhere is easier than ever. Add, remove, and reorder movies with a few easy flicks of a finger. Rate movies you’ve seen recently, see ratings and descriptions for all the Netflix “top” lists, or search for a particular title before popping it up to the top of your queue.

Requires a Netflix account.