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Description BookBuddy is a powerful book management application which gives you access to your entire book catalog anywhere. Using BookBuddy is fun and easy and allows you to quickly find any book in your library, share your favorite books and keep track of the borrowed ones. Features: * Quickly add books to your library by scanning the barcode or searching Google Books. * Create your own categories to organize your books. * Share your favorite books using Facebook, Twitter or email. * Personalize your own Wish List. * Keep track of books you've lent to family and friends. * Never forget who you've borrowed books from. * Manage your books' status by marking each as 'read', 'unread' or 'reading'. * Quickly find any book in your library by entering book title or author. * Easily access any book’s web page directly from the application. * Star your favorite books to access them instantly. * Backup your entire collection to the cloud using Dropbox service. * Easily share your reading status with your Social Networks. Lite Version: BookBuddy Lite has all the features of the full version with a 50 books storage limit.