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Price $1.00
Description Your music can only wait so long! Life is full of interruptions. How many times have you realized that your earbuds are silent because you’d forgotten to un-pause your iPod? Take Five is a simple utility that automatically fades your music back in after 5 minutes. Never again let a call from your Mom, lolcat videos or visits from your boss put your music on permanent pause. Silence is not golden. FEATURE LIST: • Launch the app to start pausing your tunes for 5 minutes • Quickly change pause time from seconds up to 30 minutes • Easily tap to pause anytime throughout the day • Instantly resume music by sliding timer to 0 • Soft fade in when audio restarts • View album art and single tap to access playlists • Handy playback controls to navigate your playlists • Works great with remote clicker on standard earbuds