Current Version Version: 1.1
Author IdealApps LLC
Price Free
Description cal-n-icon is an icon driven all-in-one calendar application that lets you keep track of all your Appointments, Meetings, Tasks (To-Do), Birthdays and Anniversaries, Class schedules, Assignments, Sport Events and pretty much any calendar event you can think of. Are you tired of using multiple calendars (Home, Work, etc.)? cal-n-icon is the answer for you. We created cal-n-icon with the idea that one calendar should be able to handle all your calendar needs and you won’t believe how simple it is to use. Features • One application for all your Calendar Events - Appointments, To-Dos, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. • cal-n-icon’s EZ-View feature provides customizable colorful icons for each of your Events and tasks. You’ll know your schedule in a Glance. • cal-n-icon comes with numerous visually rich icons for various categories like Home, Work, School, Sports, Music, etc. that you’ll never be short of icons to choose from. • cal-n-icon lets you create Unlimited number of Categories of your choice and also lets you assign icons to each of them. It also comes with 5 in-built categories. • Don’t worry about typos and spelling mistakes when creating your Event. cal-n-icon’s EZ-Search lets you search events by icons and categories (in addition to keywords). It has never been this easy to find the Event you are looking for. • View your Schedule and To-Dos on the same screen. Check off your To-Do items when you’ve completed them. You can look up your incomplete tasks in the Overdue section. • cal-n-icon syncs with Google Calendar. So your schedule is also available online. • Day, Month, Week and List view. Day view by Category and Time. Restrictions: • cal-n-icon Lite is restricted to maximum of 10 Events. • cal-n-icon Lite has only 30icons compared to more than 100 in the Full version (cal-n-icon). • cal-n-icon Lite does not have Push Notification available in the Full Version (cal-n-icon)