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Description Jump into a jet's cockpit, strap on your seatbelt and blast into the sky with V-Cockpit GPS. It features a unique, photorealistic way of displaying all your iPhone's sensory data. Bored on train or bus ride? Load V-Cockpit GPS and experience mundane things as a passenger in a whole new way. GPS has never been so much fun! Exclusively for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. FEATURES - Cockpit - HUD - Compass - Fullscreen zoom on each instrument - Diagrams for all displayed data - Aircraft alerts (pull up, stall) - Responsive jet sounds - Realistic radio chatter - Supports all device orientations - Fully configurable units (mph, km/h, kts, m, ft) and sounds - Online help DATA Speed, altitude, vertical speed, g-force, compass, artificial horizon. V-Cockpit GPS is designed to be as accurate as possible, but it is limited by the iPhone's sensor accuracy. GPS accuracy also depends on your location, speed and surroundings. CAUTION Not for operational use. Do not use while driving or doing tasks that require your attention. Do not use it as primary means of navigation. FEEDBACK Missing a feature or found a bug? Send us your feedback to