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Description ★ Featured in iTunes App Store 2010 Review and "Great Free Apps" News360 delivers headlines and back stories from more than 1000 newspapers and magazines in one intuitive stream, personalized to your location. Feast on eye-popping photos and snack on articles that give you multiple takes on a single story about people, news and brands. Share feeds with friends via Facebook or Twitter, or use News360 cleverly: to break the ice, impress the jaded and change opinion. Key highlights: • Enjoy English-speaking news streams, live, from respected sources around the globe and around the corner • Read the hottest stories from an ever-expanding range of sources, political, cultural and social, collected by sophisticated linguistic algorithms • Dive deeper into the details about people, brands, with hyperlinks to detailed dossiers Add the people or companies you want to track to your Favorites Note: To preserve bandwidth and speed up loading, we scale down image quality when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. If you want to enable high-quality images in all cases, toggle the "HQ images on 3G" switch in Settings. Follow us on Twitter @news360app or on Facebook to get the latest news and updates about News360.

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