Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $1.00
Description FrightBox, the absolute scariest sound effects app on the app store containing two of the freakiest features of any app: Possessed Mode and FrightCall.

*Insane FrightCall Feature: Press the FrightCall button and a timer will appear. In 15 seconds your phone will ring, ask an unsuspecting victim to answer it. In the headset evil demons and ghosts speak back through the phone. An awesome way to freak people out.

*Possessed Mode: Press the possessed button and lay your phone down. It will then randomly vibrate, flash and spew out creepy voices. It will randomly go quiet for a while and then suddenly burst back with more evil.

*Extremely realistic, extremely scary sound effects including:
Demons, Ghosts, Zombies, Terrifying Screams, and Freaky Evil Laughter.

We welcome crazy reviews of how you put this app to use. We love to hear from our customers.

Disclaimer: Please, do not go into dark places, such as closets, and use this app alone. We have had reports of strange things happening to people.