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Description The world’s most famous archer has arrived on the iPhone in this swashbuckling castle defense game! Take control of Robin Hood and rain destruction from above on your enemies in awesome Retina Display graphics! Protect your village and battle against foes ranging from classic medieval soldiers to giant weapons of siege warfare, and then prepare for the almighty enemy - soldiers on wooden segways! DEAL DESTRUCTION FROM ABOVE Employ Robin’s trusty bow to take out your enemies at long range. Use the intuitive control system to scout out your foes and learn to judge the trajectory and distance of your shots in pursuit of those oh-so satisfying headshots. HELP ROBIN PROTECT HIS KINGDOM Your enemies will try to destroy Robin’s village, it’s up to you to stop them. Prevent the hordes of foes from breaking through your defenses in stages of increasing difficulty, leading to exciting and intense game play. Plan your shots carefully to avoid getting overrun and string together accurate shots for big points bonuses! DEFEND USING AN ARSENAL OF WEAPONRY It’s not just ordinary arrows that you have at your disposal. Collect a variety of power-ups along the way, ranging from multiple projectiles to a super powerful nuclear warhead arrow, and wreak havoc on your enemies! Don’t forget to collect those health replenishing power–ups as’re gonna need them! ENDLESS HORDES OF ENEMIES With no level system, the fun doesn’t stop, and the intensity never lets up. Wave after wave of enemies create a challenge like no other in the genre. As the hordes just keep on coming, how long will you be able to hold out? If that wasn’t tough enough, you will have to overcome battle-axe wielding trolls, fire breathing dragons and enormous medieval tanks in intense boss fights! CRYSTAL AND GAME CENTER Become the top archer on the planet, compare your high scores and gain achievements using Crystal and Apple’s new Game Center leader boards.