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Price $1.00
Description So you're heading out to lunch and you realize you forgot your wallet. "That's okay," a friend says, "you can just pay me back later." But how do you remember to do it?

Bank of Me helps you keep track of how much you owe your friends (or they owe you). It records IOUs and other debts, sorting them by who they're owed to. It even balances them against each other—so if you owe your best friend $20 and they owe you $5, it'll tell you that you have $15 left. It also supports multiple "currencies" or types of loans, allowing you to track not only money, but favors, drinks, meals, and anything else you can think of.

Bank of Me integrates with your device's Contacts list so you can add a new person with just three taps. (If a friend isn't in your Contacts, you can enter their name manually too.) And it'll even send e-mail receipts and reminders to your friends. If they use Bank of Me too, it'll include a handy link in the e-mail they can tap to import the transaction into their own device!

Bank of Me does all this with a rich, simple interface that's not only easy to use, it's fun, too. Buy it today—your friends and pocketbook will both thank you.