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Description How does Code Clock change everything you have known about anything ever, forever? You see, it is an alarm clock. And let's face it, mornings are evil; nobody likes them. They're the last to be picked for dodge ball, and they generally don't have a date for the prom. Regrettably, mornings are a necessary evil. So this is how it works, straight from the glittery minds of our cyborg unicorn brain trust: The alarm goes off at a set time, but you must be coherent enough to type in a four or eight digit code in order to deactivate it. Sounds amazing enough, right? Additionally, the unicorns have decided that push-notifications should be incorporated; therefore, if the app is turned off prior to your weekday frat kegger or business meeting with Zaibatsu, it will still play your designated ring tone at your accorded time (We recommend Barry Manilow set to dubstep). Finally, if you are a clever one (and you most assuredly are, reading this) and realize you can just hit the “home” button to exit the app, a notification pops up playing your selected track as a preventative measure against your foreseeable sneakiness. Furthermore, if you hit cancel, it pops up again in 1 minute. THERE IS NO ESCAPE. Of course, we will continue to deliver free updates and support as the world turns that continue to improve this ridiculously awesome innovation. Features: •Set your alarm pass code to four or eight digits •Pass codes are randomized and changed daily to avoid patterned behavior while half-asleep •Choose the alarm tone you want or select a tune from your iPod •The alarm will ring even if your app is turned off