Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price Free
Description MUJI to GO—MUJI services selected with a focus on travel and mobility

For business and for people on the move—MUJI to GO introduces useful products and provides information services such as World Clock, Forex, Weather, and Calculator.

- The top of the screen introduces and describes MUJI items convenient for travel and for people on the move.

- Use a swipe gesture to switch between functions.

Individual functions
Time: Display the time in cities around the world. Add or delete cities to make your own personal World Clock list.

Weather: Display 5-day weather reports/forecasts for locations around the world. Add or delete locations.

Power: Display the shapes of power sockets used around the world. Find out which plug you need.

Search/Find: Use a simple, clean function for Google searches.

Forex: Display the current rates for world currencies. Add or delete currencies,
Tap "Use this currency" to add a currency conversion button next time you use the Calculator.

Calculator: Calculate and display the results in large format. Recall and display earlier calculations, too.

Notes/Other functions
- Weather and Forex information is only updated when you are connected to the internet.
- There are limits to the number of panels you can add to Clock, Weather, and Forex.
- Tap the icon at the top right of the screen to shrink the product display area and enlarge the area used for displaying functions.