Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $4.00
Description Notebook for iPad from MUJI, a brand that is known for its ever user-friendly stationery.
Advanced features such as handwriting recognition and predictive text input allows you to take notes and to sketch at will.

- Advanced technology enables smooth and effortless freehand input.
- Combination of handwriting recognition and predictive text input technology enables fast and effortless text entry.
- Text input with keyboard is also available.
- Thickness and color can be chosen freely for lines and characters.
- Page types can be selected from four different kinds: ruled, gridded, quadrant, and plain.
- You can import photos and PDF files from iPad and iTunes.
- Imported photos can be adjusted to size and laid out on pages at will.
- You can email your notebook to your friends and colleagues.

Note: Graphical data formats that can be imported are as follows: .jpg/.png/.bmp/.tiff/.gif