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Description PLAY YOUR WAY TO A BETTER SCORE with the SAT prep game powered by Kaplan. futureU SAT Prep Game is a painless new way to prep for the SAT. Sharpen your critical thinking skills, build relevant knowledge and reduce test anxiety with a collection of games that feature curriculum from Kaplan, the leader in SAT prep. Study on your own time and for however long you like. There is no easier – or more fun – way to become a better problem-solver, boost your confidence and up your SAT score! Includes two reading games, two writing games, two math games, three quiz styles, test tips and character customization. - Improve core knowledge through fun games - No memorization necessary - Track your progress - Identify areas that need more practice. - Strengthen test-taking skills Games include the following subject knowledge for Reading, Writing and Math: main idea, attitude, tone, specific and implied information, themes and arguments, technique, words in context, root words, word definitions, critical reading and writing, tense, pronouns, subject verb agreement, parallelism, adverbs and adjectives, gerunds, idioms and wrong words, word error and purpose, decimals, fractions, grid-ins, sequences, geometric equations, polynomials, and algebra. Study for the fun of it!