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"Comparison calculator makes for a helpful shopping companion" - MacWorld Magazine (4 mouse rating) Frugal compares grocery prices to help you find the best deal. It converts product quantities in both imperial (US and UK) and metric units to find out which actually has the best price. Sometimes buying in quantity is not always cheaper. Find out with Frugal and lower your grocery shopping bill! Key Features: - intuitive item entry with large custom numeric keyboard - optimized user interface requires fewer taps to enter values - imperial (US and UK) and metric units for comparing items, weight, volume, length, and area - compare an unlimited number of items at a time - count field for handling bundling deals (e.g. 2 for 1) - instantly converts and shows quantities in both imperial and metric units - history for checking or modifying your past price comparisons - set comparison and item names for future lookup - phone or calculator numeric keyboard styles - shake to start a new comparison Supported units: - items - item, dozen - weight - ounce, pounds, milligram, gram, kilogram - volume - fluid ounce (US/UK), pint (US/UK), quart (US/UK), gallon (US/UK), millilitre, litre - length - inch, foot, yard, millimetre, centimetre, metre - area - square inch, square foot, square yard, square millimetre, square centimetre, square metre