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Description ***Limited-time price*** "[It's] an amazing mobile music player. ... If listening to music is one of the major reasons you have an iOS device, buy it now." - Steve Sande, TUAW "OnCue is the music player your iDevice will thank you for" - Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac "It’s the best music app in the store. [...] Dan set out to do one thing well with OnCue and ended up rocking the house." - David Chartier, "It's something I didn't think I needed until I started using it." - Don McAllister, ******** Listening to the music you want, when you want, is as easy as drag-and-drop. OnCue is the culmination of over a year-and-a-half of work developing the best mobile music player, focused around the ease and functionality of creating and arranging music queues. ★ Tap+Hold+Drag+Drop The easiest way to build and rearrange a music queue on the iPhone and iPad. Just tap and hold a song, and the Queue will slide up from the bottom of the screen. Then drag and drop the song right where you want it. ★ Everything, right where you need it See what's in your Queue, and where. See what's already played. See what's playing now, and control the player. See and access everything you need from anywhere in the app. ★ A Smart way to play Introducing Smart Queues. Create re-usable filters to queue up songs using a list of rules. Use rules to find songs by title, artist, album, genre, rating, duration, and last played date. It's the ease and functionality of iTunes' Smart Playlists right on your iPhone or iPad. ★ Advanced Crossfade Enable crossfade for gapless playback and smooth transitions between playing songs. You can even customize the "fade in from" and "fade out to" volumes so your music plays just the way you want. ★ Get informed Swipe any song in your library and tap the Info button to see the song's Lyrics, Music Videos, Artist Bio, and Similar Artists. Even preview the song before you add it to your Queue. (iPhone only.) ★ Always know what's next Wherever you are in OnCue, your Queue is just a swipe away--so you always know what's next. **OnCue even displays the next four songs right on your Lock Screen.** OnCue has everything you'd expect from a modern music player, and a ton more: ◆ Social networking features, including scrobbling and Facebook support ◆ Song scrubbing ◆ Search ◆ Shuffle ◆ Sleep timer ◆ AirPlay support ◆ Gesture control ------ This version of OnCue was redesigned and rewritten from the ground-up, and extensively beta tested with a team of users for several months. Some bugs may have slipped through (as they always do), and for those we apologize. Updates will be put out rapidly over the next several days to crush any bug we may have missed. ------ (Requires iOS5 or newer. OnCue cannot play songs protected by iTunes DRM or alter iTunes play counts/star ratings/etc due to restrictions of the iOS SDK.)

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