Current Version Version: 1.01 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Star Cat Studios
Price Free
Description Puzzles and much more await you with Arcade Cats. Download this star stealing and cat-fooling extravaganza now and play through levels experiencing everything from puzzles to pure arcade action! ********************************* Straightforward game-play and intuitive controls allow Arcade Cats to be fully enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or gaming skills. Don’t hesitate, outplay boredom and outsmart every dull moment with Arcade Cats. This game is best described as quite literally a game of cat and mouse – with a few twists and surprises thrown in along the way. Playing as the Ramses Brothers, a cluster of witty mice, players are tasked with collecting enough stars to finish out each round without running into the claws of roaming cats, the mice mortal enemies. ********************************* Created to be a complete arcade experience and specifically designed for use on mobile platforms Arcade Cats mixes multiple well-established and much loved classic arcade elements together with new spins on the mobile arcade and puzzle game genres to provide an enthralling game experience to anyone. Intuitive game controls and simplicity are two of many key design elements that make Arcade Cats an approachable game for any level or recreational user, ranging from the complete novice to the seasoned arcade veteran. The game includes a full array of features such as scoreboards and different game modes as well. ******************************* It seems the cats are finally out of the bag, so download Arcade Cats today and make sure the only thing that catches you is good time! App Features: * Sequential levels of increasing difficulty. * Online scoreboards for score-tracking. * Multiple levels of motion-based puzzle fields. * Three unique game-play modes: Arcade, Puzzle and Outrun * Unique power ups