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Price $3.00
Description Save Energy!

$2.99 for an app that can save you hundreds each year!

Read the quick start menu at the bottom of this page to avoid confusion! If you play around with it, you'll get it!

Start saving energy and MONEY today. This app can pay for your iPhone or iPod Touch if you use it.

"MeterRead’s strength is in the calculations it provides. With each reading you record, you get up-to-date stats of your energy use, including an estimate of how many kilowatt hours you’ll burn for the next 30 days. You’ll know at a glance whether your energy-saving activities are on track, or if you need to turn off a few more lights"

"Excellent customer support/developer is very responsive.
Accurate formula. Cost-saving and environmentally conscious"

"I assure you that with proper use, this app can save you more than 10x its worth every month"

Just listed as one of "five killer apps that can help you pocket extra cash" by CNET News

Studies show that motivated people who monitor their energy use generally save 10-20% on their electric bill. (The Effectiveness of Feedback on Energy Consumption, S.Darby)

The key is FEEDBACK and this app provides it. You can read your meter right now and then check it again 20 minutes, 20 hours or 20 days from now and you will see how much electricity you're going to use in the the next 30 days at your current pace. MeterRead™ does the math for you and deciphers dial meters with ease.

Simply match the geared dials to your dial meter or match up your digital meter reading. It's that easy!

MeterRead will pay for itself if you use it. All updates have come from customer feedback. Thanks for putting us in the top 100!

Save money. (our family is saving $50/mo!)

Save energy.

Save the planet.

Review quotes:

"This utility will quickly pay for itself..."

"It has a very intuitive interface and works great."

"...makes me part of the green movement :-)"

Detailed feedback includes total kW-h used, average watt load and your estimated 30 day kW-h usage.


*Analog Meters (No more confusing dials)
*Multiple Meters (Home, Auto, Solar)
*Day and Night Meters
*Digital/Odometer style Meters

Touch the "i" button for text details on any screen.

To take a screenshot with your device hold the sleep/wake button and tap the home button.

Quick start information:

Standard 5 dial meters: Click the home icon and then the start button.

Digital meters: click the home icon and then "modify meter" and set to digital.

Multiple meters: Click the "+" icon and create a separate reading.

Day and Night meters: Create two readings, one with the day icon and one with the night icon for easy reference. All single rate meters should be set using the "24" hour icon.

Highlight a reading with a touch and set as "key" to see totals from that reading forward. For example, you can easily see the total usage and monthly average from your first reading to your 50th with this feature. Click the "i" on the recording screen for help tags.

To delete a meter, highlight it and then carefully click the small "x" in the corner.

Now supports, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Dutch. Click the "i" from the home screen to change the language.

All questions answered within 24 hours at

Thank you and enjoy the app!

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