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Description Are rising gasoline prices burning your hard earned cash away? Do you get the feeling that you pump more CO2 into the atmosphere than a coal burning steam engine? Well, stop guessing and start calculating. FuelCalc will help you determine the fuel economy of your vehicle. When you first run FuelCalc, it will prompt you for the mileage (Odometer reading) of your vehicle. Enter the data, and fill the fuel tank of your vehicle. When you leave FuelCalc and reopen it the next time, it will enter the previous odometer reading automatically. All you have to do is fill your fuel tank and enter the appropriate fields, and FuelCalc will calculate your current miles per gallon (or kilometers per Liter), as well as your miles per dollar (or a currency of your choosing).
Mikmattley Software is not responsible for any stress related illnesses that result from the realization of how much of your income you spend on fuel.