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Description Taptu is a social news reader that puts all of the stuff you're into in one app. Taptu lets you add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the content from your favorite web sites and blogs (via RSS or Twitter) and transforms them into gorgeous visual streams. You can now synch your streams between multiple devices if you login to Taptu with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or G Reader. If you find news or a stream you like you can share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email. You can save articles for later using Instapaper, Read it Later or Taptu’s bookmarks to view them later on your browser at For our friends in Germany, France and Spain, we have now tailored topics and streams. The app is also available in the respective languages. == Reviews == TechCrunch:“The design itself is sleek and clean, allowing you to separate each stream...If you are a power reader or a news junkie, Taptu’s app is the way to go. Not only does it allow you to access a large number of news sources (thousands), in an easy to read interface, but it allows you to personalize and customize your feeds, which is a useful feature.”"...Taptu’s secret sauce lets you mash up “mixed streams...I didn’t give up on it after some initial enthusiasm. I kept going back not only to read up on things but also to try things out that occurred to me randomly and to tinker with feeds.” == Features == = NEW: Getting Started = * We’ve got a new step-by-step introductory guide to help you make the most out of Taptu and its cool features * Our introduction will help you create a user account to login, suggest streams that may be relevant, and show you how to add, mix and create streams tailored to your reading habits = Getting Streams = * Finding Streams: Plunge into our StreamStore where you'll discover streams of your favorite blogs and news sources. Or, create your own streams (search streams – NEW) for the things you're into and maybe some things you didn't even know you're into * Preview a Stream before you Add: Check out the contents of a stream before you add it * Import from G Reader: Add up to 100 RSS feeds from G Reader and convert to streams * Heavy Reader? Add as many streams as you like... if the apps gets slow, start mixing them = DJ'ing your News= * Curate Your Own Mixed Streams: You can DJ your own mixed streams. It's like a playlist for your favorite content. You can build a stream from scratch, select and merge your favorite feeds from the StreamStore. Or, you can edit the topic streams we've curated by removing and adding the streams you want. You can even share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email * NEW: Create a Search Stream with a Keyword: Are you looking for something in particular within a specific context or source? You can create a search stream by simply filtering the relevant stream using a keyword = Viewing and Interacting with Streams = * Two Ways to View - Quick View and Full Story View: Grab a quick summary of the news article or tap view on web to read the full story * Share with Friends: You can share any story you like with your friends by posting it on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or by sending them an email. You can even save it using Taptu bookmarks and read it later on your browser or other device * Post a Status, Like and Comment from your Facebook stream * Tweet, RT and Reply from your Twitter stream * Like, Comment and update your status on Linkedin = Synching between different devices = * NEW: Login to Taptu using, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or G Reader and all the streams and the stories that you read can be imported on different devices when you login there as well == Feedback == If you'd like to get in touch or need help we are just a ping away at: @taptu or myta

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