Current Version Version: 3.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Saloni Srivastava
Price $1.00
Description Digital Poke brings you 360 Web Browser with more features to offer than any other browsers out there with a refreshing, non-monotonous interface. Version 3 gets you Firefox Sync, Download Manager, ability to view Flash Videos* using CC Plugin, Media Player & Dropbox. **** Get the most awesome Browser today! Incredibly Insane Amount of Features + Download Manager + Firefox Sync + Media Player at an awesome price tag **** * - Clip Converter currently supports: Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, MyVideo, Veoh. Head to plugins to know more about how to Convert Videos from their Servers & watch them. ✪ "360 Web Browser isn't the first Safari alternative for Apple devices, but it is unique for what it offers." - LifeHacker ✪ "Fully Featured Desktop-Like Browser In Your Pocket" - AppAdvice ✪ "Power, speed make this browser a worthy replacement for iPhone’s built-in Safari app" - Macworld ✪ Also Praised & Recommended by ApplicationiPhone, 148Apps, MACNN, TheiPhoneAppReview, AppDictions, SOSiPhone among various others ✪ 360 Web Browser is the winner of Mobile FWA Award ● Features ● ✔ FIREFOX SYNC • Sync 360 with your favorite desktop browser! Your Tabs, Bookmarks & History from Firefox can now be synced to your favorite mobile browser with just one click! No other Browser supports this feature • Long tap on Sync Bookmarks to reveal the option of importing them to 360 Bookmarks ✔ DOWNLOAD MANAGER • You can now download absolutely anything with the New 360 Browser & view all supported content within the app. Downloads happen in background so you can even exit 360 & your download will still be completed • Multiple downloads are supported with the option to queue ✔ 360 ARC™ & 360 FS[Full Screen] ARC™ • Arcs built on Prodigy Engine* enables the users to access variety of functions with simplicity. • Access over 25 features ranging from Adding Bookmark, Search Text, Toggle Full Screen, Navigating Tabs, Plug-ins & more from 360 Arcs™ ✔ CUSTOM MADE THEMES • Themes are Custom made & will change the entire look of the app including the images, font colors & the tabs style. Choose from 5 Free + 2 Premium ✔ INTELLIGENT TABBING [DESKTOP STYLE] • Individually set Tab’s Privacy Mode & Browser Orientation in addition to having default preferences for all of them • Double tap tabs opens options such as Bookmarking all tabs, Reloading all tabs, Closing all tabs • Long Tap on Links to access features such as Open in background, Download File, etc ✔ MEDIA PLAYER • Introducing the unique Ambience Awareness. Listen to your songs while being aware of your surroundings at the same time • Make / Listen to your playlist via the inbuilt player. Supports background Music Play ✔ DROPBOX • Upload your files to Dropbox ✔ MULTI-TOUCH GESTURES • Choose over 20 features that can be mapped to 9 Multi Touch Gestures to define your Style ✔ BE SOCIAL • Share on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Wave & more in a single Tap ✔ PLUG-INS • 360 Browser gives you the ability to add & manage the plug-ins according to your needs. Choose from an ever growing list of Plugins including Instapaper, Firebug Lite, Track This, Evernote among several others ✔ QUICK ACCESS LIST • Easily maintain & access 5 / 10 Favs / Thumbs of user visited, bookmarked & most famous list ✔ FULL SCREEN • Experience True Full Screen, Access every feature of your browser without ever going out of full screen, with the revolutionary 360 Arcs™ & Address Bar Commands • Customize your Full Screen in whichever way you want ✔ LONG TAP TO REVEAL MORE • Themes, History, Bookmarks, Sync, Downloads, Firefox Sync supports Long Tap to reveal advance options ✔ VARIOUS OTHER FEATURES • Some of our favorites from over 200+ feature list -Remember Passwords -Smart Search -Password Lock -Ad Block -Hyper-Scr

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