Current Version Version: 1.0.0
Author Root Wireless, Inc.
Price Free
Description Tired of your mobile carrier not living up to its claims as you deal with spotty data service and dropped calls? RootMetrics uses millions of real-world results from mobile users like you to deliver the one true picture of carrier performance. Now you can finally get an accurate picture of your carrier’s performance with voice and data ratings displayed on intuitive maps that measure service metro-wide or down to your street address. Or compare carrier ratings side-by-side. Join the movement to create an open mobile market. Download the free RootMetrics app today. The coverage information in the market today is incomplete and gathered infrequently - often no more than once a year - resulting in soft advertising claims of network reliability. RootMetrics is different. We’re an independent voice, measuring accurate carrier performance. We track signal strength, dropped calls and data throughput speeds by capturing millions of real-world results directly from participating mobile users’ devices, like yours. Then, using our sophisticated analytics engine, this data is brought to life through easy to understand maps and ratings that show the true picture of each carrier’s performance down to the most granular level. Here’s your chance to make a difference. Help create a more open mobile market, with accurate, unbiased and timely network performance data available to everyone. And make the carriers more accountable when their networks underperform. Join the effort today by downloading the free RootMetrics app. Here are the five steps to creating an open mobile marketplace: 1. Millions of mobile users like you download the free RootMetrics app to your smart phone 2. Turn on the app so it can actively test the network 3. The app collects the data that authentically reflects your use under real-world conditions, including variables like weather, seasonality, time-of-day and network traffic 4. We combine your data anonymously with similar data from other mobile users 5. We publish a detailed and true picture of each carrier’s performance across the US The result is easy-to-read, interactive maps centered on your location. You select the display that you want… • Signal Strength View - a quick look at signal quality • Data Speed View - a view of download and upload speeds • RootScore - a side-by-side comparison across all carriers • Multiple Markets - Tap on another location and view the data of your selected location • Zoom Feature - Use the iPhone pinch to zoom out to view data across an entire metro or zoom in for a street level view To begin, select one of the following cities from the map to view and compare coverage: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, Billings, Denver, Bismarck, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York or Boston. If your city is not included on this list, test your network often to begin sending us your coverage. Be sure to tell your friends and family - the more people collecting the data, the sooner we'll be able to deliver the true picture of coverage in your area. Thank you for joining with RootMetrics to create a more open mobile market, one that provides you with an accurate picture of your service while holding the carriers more accountable. With real world data from users like you as the input for our independent, unbiased analysis, we can make a real difference.