Current Version Version: 2.1
Author Bitsmedia Pte Ltd
Price Free
Description "Perhaps best of all, Frenzapp version 2.0 comes with nine options for discovering new applications..." - Mashable "Frenzapp is a nice evolution of the social network for the App Store” - Macworld "Frenzapp, an app recommendation engine that looks at what your Facebook friends like" - ReadWriteWeb "Genius, only friend-powered" - SGEntrepreneurs "Unlike other attempts at trumping Apple's iTunes-powered Genius app recommendations with a human-powered network, Frenzapp automatically discovers the apps you have running or used recently" - PCWorld ★ SUMMARY ★ Tired of searching the App Store and its 400,000 apps? Frenzapp allows you to browse and discover the apps that your friends use and like. We have assumed that your friends' favorite apps might be more relevant to you and Frenzapp gives you the easiest way ever to discover these exciting new apps. ★ MAIN FEATURES ★ - View your friends' favorite apps - Show your favorite apps to your friends - follow users and comment their favorite apps - Share an App via Twitter, Facebook, Email or SMS - Earn badges - View the most popular apps and games amongst your friends - Don't miss the latest promotions and apps on sale - Share apps and games with people nearby - Search the entire App Store and find the best apps with more relevance (based on the apps you and your friends like the most) ★ FOLLOW US FOR REAL TIME UPDATES ★

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