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Price $3.00
Description Hellfire is an exciting helicopter combat game that takes you on a worldwide tour of duty. Climb aboard your helicopter gunship and take on 16 missions of adrenaline-fuelled combat action in a global theater of war.

Game features include:
- Worldwide missions to complete, including multiple objectives per mission.
- Choice of full Campaign or single Mission modes.
- Choice of US or Soviet helicopters, both with realistic weapon loadouts and capabilities.
- Varied gameplay with multiple levels of challenge.
- Combination of accelerometer and touchscreen controls.
- 3D terrain and enemies, along with high quality pre-rendered helicopter models.
- Dynamic sound effects and music soundtrack, or switch them off and listen to your own music.
- Tutorial mode to help you master the controls for your 'copter.

Hellfire was created by Pazzazz Games, who also developed GTS World Racing.