Current Version Version: 1.3.1
Author Derek Arndt
Price $1.00
Description Over 1.7 Million downloads! 1.7 Million people addicted to Streetball can't be wrong! ========================== ***FEATURES*** - Fourteen characters with different stats and strengths, with new characters appearing in new updates. - Local co-op and competitive multiplayer for OS 3.0 and up. - Four game modes ranging from a 5-minute Two on Two game to a more casual turn-based H.O.R.S.E. - High Scores challenge how good you are on the court! - Unique character animations and visuals. ***About the Game*** Streetball has a quick on-court tutorial helping users to learn the game. Once they are ready to play, users can choose from three game play modes including Two-on-Two, First to 21, and H.O.R.S.E, all available with local multiplayer. Users move around with a directional pad and tap buttons to pass or shoot. When shooting, an accuracy meter pops up for users to hold and then release the button at the right moment to sink the shot. Users can compete in the multiplayer mode using Bluetooth or WiFi. In the game of H.O.R.S.E., users match shots with the computer by tracing shapes with a finger in order to duplicate the opponent's last shot. ***Join the World’s Best Basketball Community at**** In the heart of every basketball player is a streetball player - someone who is defined by the game and lives the lifestyle of a basketball player. Checkout our other Apps Pet Puppy and Simone Says!

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