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Price $2.00
Description Iron Sight is a brand new 3D multiplayer game for all artillery game fans!

Building on the tried and true gameplay of titles such as iShoot or Worms, but in highly detailed, beautiful 3D environments AND with online MULTIPLAYER!

"Get this game NOW! Outstanding game highly recommended 5/5"

"Dazzling graphics; enjoyable gameplay"

"If you liked iShoot, I am sure you will love this cool game called Iron Sight."

Move your battle mechs, use their equipment and attack with a large range of weapons: homing missiles, artillery, cluster missiles and much more.

Fight with real opponents in one of the MULTIPLAYER modes, or take a hazardous journey to the heart of war during 2 CAMPAINGS and multiple INSTANT ACTION missions.

- Dual campaigns and single mission game modes
- Internet and hot-seat multiplayer
- Wide arsenal of weapons
- Beautiful 3D environments, high quality visuals, animation and sounds
- Adjustable difficulty levels
- In-game tutorial and easy-to-master controls