Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $2.00
Description From the makers of Camera Plus & Camera Plus Pro: A gorgeous app that color splashes your photos and also your Facebook world. And even lets you *AirPrint your masterpiece directly from the app to bring it to life. Enliven your memories by transforming each photo into something new and exciting with Photo Delight. Grab photos from your or your friend’s Facebook album or use the ones stored in your iPad to color splash them on a beautifully designed easel. Next, you can upload the photos back to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr or even e-mail them to anyone you choose. Want to add a little magic to your living room as well? Take advantage of the *AirPrint feature to print, frame and hang those beautiful photos on your wall. Features: => Get Facebook photos from your and your friend’s album => Use photos stored in your Photo Library => Work with a gorgeous user interface built especially for the iPad => Directly print photos from your iPad with the *AirPrint feature. Works with HP's ePrint enabled printers (iOS 4.2 update required) => Save multiple sessions and enjoy unlimited undo actions => Tweak the brush to suit your needs – Adjust the size, softness/hardness or the opacity => Simultaneously share photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, or even e-mail them => Easy gesture-driven zoom for precision => Enjoy working in both portrait or landscape mode => Exciting free updates. => You can also share your creations with Global Delight => iOS 4.2 users can upload images to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr in the background Note: * AirPrint will be enabled in the Apple's upcoming iOS 4.2