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Description You're a puny human boxer in a beastly world. Do you have what it takes to beat 9 beastly monsters and rise to the top? You've always been a fan of the famous Beast Boxers of the world - Steve, the Fitness Skeleton, Kamander, the champion of the Pro Leagues and owner of Kamander's Dojo, and the invincible armored beast Darbech at the top of them all. One day, you find a monster costume that looks like it'll hold up to the rigors of the ring. You saved up all your cash to buy it, and you head off to the local boxing gym to take your qualifiers. The rest is Beast Boxing history... Beast Boxing 3D has been receiving rave reviews since its launch, delighting gamers around the world with its unique character designs, graphics, animations, and gameplay. Featured by Apple under New & Noteworthy and What's Hot, Beast Boxing has defied the odds, reaching #9 in the US in Sports Games, and in the top 75 of all games in the US! With touch controls that take full advantage of iOS, there's no reason to wait! Buy Beast Boxing 3D today and support further development and updates! AWESOME REVIEWS - "Beast Boxing 3D is exactly the kind of boxing game I've been waiting for." - TouchArcade - "Fans of Punch Out clones will love Beast Boxing 3D, possibly the best looking boxing game in the App Store." - 4.5/5 stars on 148Apps! - "Beast Boxing 3D is a phenomenally fun title to own and a definite grab for fans of classics like Punch-Out!." - 4/5 at! THESE MONSTERS ARE CRAZY! - A Washed-up Pig Boxer Who Becomes Your Coach - A Fitness Instructor Skeleton - A Demon with Attitude - A Mysterious Alien Who Shows No Mercy - Four different beautifully painted arenas IT'S FUN TO FIGHT MONSTERS In Beast Boxing 3D, not only do you fight monsters to rise up the ranks, you also earn coins to upgrade your boxer by buying upgrades and powerups in the Gym. A rematch system lets you fight previously defeated characters for extra cash, and your coach, Piglas, snorts out tips to you to help you during your fights. 20 Game Center Achievements await those who are interested in a challenge! CAN MOM PLAY TOO? - Three different difficulty modes let you enjoy the story in Casual, get some challenge in Gamer mode, or really test your skills in the hardest mode of your Beast Boxing career! - Less pattern memorization, more freestyle boxing goodness - A fun story to follow along INSPIRED BY THE BEST BOXING GAMES WE EVER PLAYED Sure, there are other boxing games with a first person view. But have you ever fought a giant bird with ears, or a flurry-punching cyclops snake? The character design and animations are really something to experience, and the gameplay really takes advantage of touch an accelerometer controls! Yes, Beast Boxing takes its inspiration from many awesome fighting games of the past - and it incorporates those into one awesome beast boxing extravaganza! Oh yeah! When you buy Beast Boxing, you're also helping indie developers. Thanks for your support! KNOWN ISSUES * Treimann's special attack hit timing is off. It will be fixed in the next release. * Changing savegame names in 1.1 is not working properly. It will be fixed in the next release. NOTES As with many resource-intensive games, if you experience unexpected shutdowns, please try rebooting your device. If you have any issues, we want to hear from you! Please contact the developer through the "Beast Boxing 3D Support" link, and we will work with you to resolve the problem.