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Author Brain Bakery Ltd.
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Description Get PushupFu for only USD $0.99 - that's 67% off the original price! _______________________________________ Forget boring pushups courses; train and battle to improve your pushup fu! ★ Attach PushupFu to your arm to track your motion (you don't need a strap: ★ Get feedback on your pushups as you are doing them ★ Compete to be at the top of the leagues (needs network connection) ★ Train to 100 pushups ★ See detailed reports and ratings of your training - get even more stuff at ★ Score points for doing pushups; score more for winning battles! _______________________________________ If you enjoy PushupFu and are looking for other workouts, try searching for CrunchFu - see if you can reach 200 crunches! _______________________________________ Small Print: Consult your doctor before starting and make sure you can do pushups safely - don't hurt yourself. If you have any issues with PushupFu, tell us; Most importantly: enjoy!

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