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Price Free
Description FiOS Football is a free, limited-time beta trial application for iPad. Verizon FiOS TV customers can view football-related stats, news and content with the convenience of a mobile tablet application. Just like FiOS TV's Football Widget, this app lets you see player information, team stats, live scores from across the league and watch a live NFL RedZone channel stream.   The app is fully interactive.  The top of the screen has real-time game details such as score, clock, down, quarter, and timeouts left.  You can even post to Twitter from the app.   * This app requires that you are within a FiOS home with FiOS Internet and FiOS TV, connected to the FiOS Home Router and a subscription to the NFL RedZone Channel. This app will not work if you are using any other form of Wi-Fi service other than that provided from the FiOS Home Router. Please note: Access to the FiOS network and account at this home enables the ability to purchase the RedZone Channel via this app. The FiOS Account Owner at this home will be responsible for all charges incurred. For technical related issues about the app send email to