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Description Hard Mode is now available!!
Now you can select 3 game levels!

- ‘One touch’ shooter
"The game employes an innovative control approach for a shooter of this type. Movement, attacks, lock on and laser control is all done with a single finger."
------------ iPhone Game Network

-Each Tap Can Launch A Barrage Of Destruction
"The system looks simple compared to shooters like polarity shifting Ikaruga and time bending Espgaluda, but Glandarius Wing Strike has some neat ideas. It looks accessible too which is something most shooters ignore these days. Perhaps, this could be a downloadable DSiWare game in the future"
------------ Siliconera

-Glandarius Wing Strike Brings 2-D Shmup To iPhone
"Want to play a touch-screen 2D shoot-em-up (or "shmup") on the comforts of your iPhone? Look no further as game developers Izumogasin just created one called Glandarius Wing Strike (say that ten times fast). "
------------ GameAxis

This is a "one touch shooter".
You can manipulate everything
with just one finger
Some other games require more complicated manipulation and sometimes
your fingers may cover the screen of iPhone / iPod touch. But only
horizontal movement is enough to this game. The simplicity makes more
comfortable game experience for you.
Touch the screen to lock on adversaries in front of your aircraft.
Remove your finger from the screen to exterminate them.
The more adversaries you defeat, the more new ones will appear.
Succeeding more "chains," your can make higher score, sometimes 50
times or more at the same stage.

=Original interface suitable for iPhone /iPod touch
With just one finger, you can do everything: movements, attacks, lock
on and emitting lasers. That would be novel game experience unique to

=High definition, beautiful and high speed processed graphics
With OpenGL, high definition and beautiful graphics are realized and
they are smoothly processed.

=High score chance? Lock on lasers and chain combo
You can lock on up to four objects at the same time, When you defeat
all four of them, a chain count is added. Points are multiplied by the
number of the count. If you earn more counter, you will score higher.

=Game systems enjoyable for beginner to advanced
Honors will be conferred on you according to your play style at the
stage. Your class is determined by your score result. In addition,
scores are ranked on the Internet. Not only to clear the stages, but
also to collect medals, to belong to higher classes, or to compete
with other players, you will find your own play style.

=Some tips (April 17th)

It would be more helpful and effective to use lock-on lasers and to
achieve more chain combos than to use only normal beams.
Locking on four objects and attacking on them, a chain count is added.
It is a high score chance to attack on adversaries which you cannot
defeat only one attack. An attack with normal beam scores 10 points.
Chain counts multiply the points and you will make higher score. Your
life will be extended with every 300 thousand points. Getting more
lives is one of the tips to clear later difficult stages. The higher
score you make, the more lives you get.
After you get used to the chains, you will easily add three more lives
using the system at the first stage.