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Description ★ Search My Black Dog Books for more in the Violet Series! ★ December 2010: App Store front page featured app! ★ "A great innovation on a classic holiday story!" ★ Ranked #1 "New & Noteworthy" - March 2011 ★ CNET Review: "Amazing title." ★ Digital Storytime: “Ingeniously interactive storyline!" ★ The iPhone Mom: “Keep them coming!” ★ The iPad Fan: "Amazing!" In this modern take on the classic holiday poem "The Night Before Christmas," Violet's alter-ego Phantom Girl investigates her surprising Christmas Eve visitor. Readers can interact with the story as she and Phantom, her little black dog, meet Santa Claus and find out what a jolly man he is. Read and interact as Violet reinvents this holiday tradition in storytelling. Boys and girls alike will have a blast playing with and searching for the many exciting animated interactions contained within this amusing tale of a little girl with a BIG imagination. After reading the story, head on over to our website to enjoy Violet coloring book pages, Violet games, and an interactive sketchpad for creating your own artwork. While visiting our website, learn more about Violet, her family and her little dog Phantom. Features: • Beautifully hand-drawn illustrations by award winning artist, Allison Keeme • Pop-up and interactive animations on every page! • Page curl navigation • Read-to-Me function • Audio On/Off option for three classic holiday songs • Three classic holiday songs to choose from as background musical score • Bonus online materials at • This is an story animated and illustrated for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch • The first Special Edition Christmas book in the Violet Storybook Series ★★★★★ Review from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (AOL News) - "I'm positive that small children will enjoy reading about Violet and her secret identity." ★★★★★ Review from The iPad Fan - "Violet is a clear front-runner in terms of quality presentation and story. My kids are already asking for more Violet." ★★★★★ Review from CNET Reviews - "Amazing title. Much as I love the classics, it's nice to see something modern and new. Great stuff!" ★★★★★ Review from The iPhone Mom - "I’m looking forward to reading more about Violet’s adventures and seeing where the fun character and lively illustrations take us." ------------------------------------- CHRISTMAS WALLPAPER There is a free Christmas iPad wallpaper at GIFT THIS APP Click the "Buy App" arrow on the iTunes App Store WATCH THE OFFICIAL TRAILER FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK FOR THE LATEST UPDATES ON VIOLET

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