Current Version Version: 3.0
Developer Lukas Mathis
Price $1.00
Filed Under Games
Age rating 9+
  • iPhone (Original)
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone 3G


Earth is under attack by space robots! Use the Goo Gun to shoot Goo Balls at matching Robots. If three matching Robots or Balls touch each other, they explode.

Goo Gun is an action-oriented puzzle game. Its physics-based match-three gameplay was created exclusively for the iPhone.

As space robots enter from the top, it's your job to prevent them from reaching earth. Do that by shooting colored Goo Balls at them! If three or more matching Robots or Balls touch each other, they explode. If you're not fast enough, the game is over.

Get enough points and you'll reach new levels, from different places on earth to the moon and even to other planets. There are nine different places to discover. The last level is endless, getting gradually more difficult for expert players.

The game is suitable for colorblind players.

Note: If the game does not work properly, please try restarting your iPhone and launching the game again.

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