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Description Packed with festive recipes and great ideas, the Fine Cooking: Cooking for the Holidays app is everything you need for a delicious holiday season. From the perfect turkey to a do-ahead party menu that works for almost every occasion, this must-have app takes you from Thanksgiving through New Year's. In addition to simple, spectacular recipes, you'll find touch-screen features and embedded videos that bring the dishes and techniques to life. Learn how to make a classic and truly impressive standing rib roast; how to set an elegant buffet table; how to bake and decorate a show-stopping cake. Plus, heirloom cookies, festive drinks that go beyond the bubbly, and more. Maximize great holiday meals and minimize stress with our Cooking for the Holidays app. “Vibrant, enticing images...and the quality (of the videos) is on par with your favorite cooking shows.” -- App Features: You can celebrate every holiday event with fabulous food and drink. - Four exciting new drinks to jazz up the cocktail hour. - Five-ingredient appetizers to make on a moment's notice. - Tips on buying the perfect turkey and cooking it to juicy perfection. - Making great gravy on the first try. - How to use holiday leftovers in delicious new ways. - Fresh new takes on classic side dishes. - Step-by-step directions for a salt-encrusted standing rib roast. - Make-ahead tips for an elegant, stress-free Open House. - How to put together a crowd-pleasing buffet. - A show-stopping cake to wow your guests. - Four heirloom cookie recipes from our readers. - Persimmons, and how to buy, store, and cook with this delicious holiday fruit. - The best kitchen equipment to use with our recipes.