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Description Even professional cooks say cooking a Thanksgiving meal is stressful. CHOW comes to the rescue! Not only have we put together nine of the easiest and most delicious traditional Thanksgiving recipes, we've created a clear, follow-along game plan. You choose which dishes you want to make, and we give you a step-by-step timeline that guides you through the entire Thanksgiving day (and the two days before, too). Like this: Step 2 - Place the roasting pan across two burners over medium heat, Put the onion and celery from inside the roasted turkey, along with the roasted turkey neck, in the pan. Scrape up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan with a flat spatula. And of course there's a shopping list to get you in and out of the store quickly. Get the bird on the table while keeping the potatoes creamy, the punch strong, and the green beans green. You too can be a Thanksgiving success story! Here's your Thanksgiving menu: Roasted Turkey Apple and Sage Stuffing Turkey Gravy Mashed Potatoes Cranberry Sauce Sauteed Green Beans Roasted Sweet Potatoes Pumpkin Pie Brandy-Apple Punch Happy Thanksgiving!

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