Current Version Version: 1.0.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Namco Networks America
Price $3.00
Description Terror strikes! Welcome to the SPLATTERHOUSE! Why simply watch horror... ... When you can become Rick and experience it? 【STORY】 Seeking shelter, Rick and his girlfriend Jennifer stumble into the Cursed Mansion. Donning a mysterious mask, Rick does battle with the monstrous hordes. Is escape even possible? Will Rick and Jennifer be reunited? Spellbinding, gruesomely realistic graphics! Captivating sound! Astonishing twists! All lurk within the SPLATTERHOUSE! 【ARCADE MODE】 In this mode, you fight your way to the cursed mansion. Now, you must rescue your possessed girlfriend, Jennifer. 【SPLATTER RUSH MODE】 In this mode, you fight against enemies encroaching from all directions for two minutes non-stop. Fend them off in rapid succession to receive a bonus. You can also upload your score to the leaderboards if your device is Game Center-compatible!