Current Version Version: 1.2
Author touchGrove, LLC
Price $1.00
Description *** #1 Old-school 1978 Basketball Game ***

*** Thank you Apple! ***

You got what it takes? The ball is in YOUR court!

The siren blasts. The only other sound you can hear is all those kicks squeaking down-court. All eyes are on you. The ball is in your hands... you know you've got mad skillz and your fans want to see you bust out! But oh, no... up ahead the towering defense is bearing down. You slip-slide right through them and they try to block your moves. You make a break and launch that ball right through defense to your boy upfront. He snags it! Spins on his heel! Flies into the air! One hand grabs the rim as his other hand fires that ball 100 miles an hour down the hoop. That's a slam dunk, baby! And it's on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

LED Basketball - touchGrove brings you old-school basketball at it's very best. Your friends and associates will drool over the creamy orange plastic case... the pulsating bright red LED's... the razor-sharp, authentic court screen printed with realistic basketball graphics. Run your fingers over the smooth orange basketball"shoot" butttons and you'll know it's the real deal. Pass the ball to your teammate or go in for a slam dunk. Because you are the Man. And you know this is gonna be some awesome basketball action. So dig down deep in your pockets and find yourself 99 cents... cuz that's all it's gonna cost!!!

Tip: Sound is controlled by your iPhone sound. Make sure to turn your phone OFF vibrate mode to hear the sound. Or turn vibrate on if you don't want others to know you're playing!

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