Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Stephen Reynolds
Price $2.00
Description Analytix is a beautiful native iPhone application enabling you to view all of your Google Analytics website statistics on the move. Analytix has been developed specifically to take advantage of the high definition retina display. The UI looks gorgeous on all iOS 4+ capable devices. View the following data in a simple, beautiful summary: - Unique Visits - Pageviews - Bounce Rates - Time Average - Actions - Searches - Bookmarks - Incoming Links - Browsers - Operating Systems - Goals Stats automatically refresh whilst you view them, giving you the most up to date data. Drill down to get full views of the most popular segments. Select the chart option and view beautiful landscape and portrait mode line charts for today, today Vs yesterday, today Vs 7 days ago, and totals for the last 30 days (where data is available/applicable). Sign in once with your Google login credentials, and Analytix will add all of your sites in one go. If you subsequently add/remove sites in the future, simply hit the 'Re-sync' button to refresh the application's site list. IMPORTANT ========== Analytix does not use any third party services to interact with your data. Analytix calls Google APIs directly, so your data is 100% safe.