Current Version Version: 1.0
Author XEquals Corporation
Price Free
Description The blueSLR application, combined with the blueSLR Bluetooth hardware accessory, allows you to remotely control your Digital SLR camera. Take pictures from up to 300 feet away! Encode GPS coordinates within your pictures automatically! GET IN THE PICTURE Use blueSLR to wirelessly control your compatible digital SLR camera and snap pics from up to 300 feet away. Don’t miss another career-making shot again! blueSLR is fast, so there is no waiting time between photos. Connect blueSLR to your compatible digital SLR camera and use your compatible Bluetooth device to adjust your camera’s focus, shutter speed, or timer. blueSLR is small enough to stay attached to your camera so it goes wherever your camera goes. MAP YOUR MEMORIES Use blueSLR to record when and where in the world you took your photos by encoding precise location including latitude, longitude, and elevation, as well as speed and direction right in the photo metadata. Share your photos on MobileMe, Places, Flickr, or Picassa and they’ll be visualized on a map. Protect the copyright of your photos by using blueSLR to accurately record when and where your photos were taken. blueSLR will provide you with definitive proof that you are the owner of your creations. Sort your photos on sites like Places or Flickr based on where they were taken using blueSLR’s sophisticated GPS geocoding technology. NOTE: This application must be used in combination with the blueSLR Bluetooth hardware accessory. Accessories are available for pre-order online @