Current Version Version: 2.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Aliphcom, Inc.
Price Free
Description Currently supported on iOS 4.1+ Jawbone THOUGHTS is an amazing new way to communicate with friends and groups without typing or calling. Just speak your message and instantly send it to anyone in your address book. When people reply your Thought becomes a conversation. Nothing conveys information more effectively and personally than the human voice. But it’s not always convenient to talk on the phone. And sometimes you just want to leave a voicemail without the fear of someone picking up. So most of us send emails and texts. That means stopping whatever you're doing to send even the simplest message. With Jawbone THOUGHTS, you can quickly share whatever comes to mind — instantly — with anyone, even groups. Brainstorm with colleagues, sing a birthday song, joke around with friends, or share big news with all the people you care about. It's the speed of texting, the collaboration of email, and the power of voice, all wrapped in one. KEY FEATURES • Send and receive all the Thoughts you want for free • Start conversation threads with friends and groups • Send Thoughts to people who don’t have the app (via SMS or email) • Transcribe to text when you it's not convenient to listen (credits required) WATCH THE VIDEO Brought to you by Jawbone, the leader in personal mobile technology. Note: Some issues observed on iPhone 3G devices; will be resolved in upcoming update.