Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price Free
Description The small ship is sensitive to your breath, and your mission is to guide it through the pond You need to be fast because time is limited and you don't like the "Lose" screen, at least we hope so.

You will face 15 different levels filled with lily pads, leaves, flowers and rocks that slow down the ship. Why only 15? Because it will be very difficult to pass them all with one breath!

- Blow into the microphone to control wind speed.
- Tilt the iPhone to adjust the ship's direction.
- Tap instead of blow if you have iPod Touch without the microphone.

The harder you blow into the microphone the the stronger the wind is blowing, and the faster the ship will move. And don't forget, this is a ship, not a car, so it has no breaks!

- Convince a friend with and iPhone to buy Air Sail
- Find open Wi-Fi network and start multiplayer session
- Defeat your opponent in the race

Even if you lose the race you will be rewarded by the red face of your friend!

After you beat this game your breath skills may be improved so much that you will be able to blow up a dozen balloons in one run!