Current Version Version: (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author X1 Technologies
Price $15.00
Description X1 Mobile Search enables instant and secure search of desktop-bound email, attachments, and documents. It unshackles you from your PC, while retaining access to the content stored there, making it easier than ever to ‘leave the laptop behind’. ★★★★★ “With X1 Mobile Search, I can be confident that I’ll have immediate access to customer information and correspondence, wherever I – or it – may be.” - Justin Wilcox, Customer Support Manager, Articulate, Inc. ★★★★★ “In the business world, no one can survive without X1.” - MD ★★★★★ “This is absolutely amazing software!! I just emailed myself a 1MB .pdf file from my home computer to my work desktop! Being able to access all my email quickly while in a meeting will be wonderful!” - BC ★★★★★ “Being able to pull up all my archived email in a meeting or while away from my desk is worth every penny.” - PJ ★★★★★ “Extremely impressive technology. I was blown away by how well it worked.” - PJ Using your iDevice, X1 Mobile Search allows you to access your computer’s files from anywhere and quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Feature Highlights: Mobile access to PC data • Access your PC’s files remotely and easily search terabytes of data • Access all your email, including Microsoft Outlook PST archives Fast-as-you-Type™ instant search • Results are returned as quickly as you type them, even on cellular networks • Search email from, to, and subject as well as the entire message contents Search inside email, attachments, and documents • Supports Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Mozilla Thunderbird • Search inside ZIP archives, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and more View, edit, and share documents • See attachments and documents in their original format • Open documents in compatible third-party apps • Reply, forward, and share email and documents Offline document storage • Store documents for review while offline and disconnected Enterprise grade security • Connections are protected by x.509 PKI based two-factor authentication and RSA powered SSL/TLS Q: If the iPhone includes email searching, then why do you need X1 Mobile Search? A: X1 Mobile Search was designed to remotely search the email, attachments, and documents on your PC. Additionally, unlike the email search feature in iPhone, X1 Mobile Search can search the body of email messages and the content within attachments as well as the sender, recipient, and subject. Unlike the iPhone, which has a limited message history and no facility for storing and searching documents, with X1 Mobile Search, you can instantly find any email or document on your PC, no matter how long ago it occurred. IMPORTANT NOTE: The X1 Mobile Search app requires a Windows PC with X1 Professional Client (paid product) installed.

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