Current Version Version: 1.1.4 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Joachim Bondo
Price $8.00
Description A beautiful and elegant chess application for the casual player.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball: “Without question the best iPhone chess game”

Playing chess has never been such a pleasant experience. On any platform!

Everything is beautifully rendered; from the board and pieces to the way they animate. If you want to to truly enjoy chess, make sure to download Deep Green.

Deep Green for iPhone and iPod touch is the successor to the multi-award winning Newton version.

Check out the free LITE version too.


- Play against engine or human, or engine vs. engine
- Adjustable engine strength
- Concentration setting allowing the engine to play more like a human
- Manual board setup
- Game playback (first/previous/next/last position, auto-playback, drag slider)
- Replay of last move
- Move suggestion (animated on board)
- Take back (undo, all the way back to start)
- Free choice between tap/tap and drag/drop moving (no need to set preference)
- Display of captured pieces
- Smooth animations everywhere
- Game and state saved between program sessions
- Built-in help
- Rich, analog-type sounds (optional)¹
- Callout notification for check, stalemate, and checkmate, (optional)
- Vibration on check, stalemate and checkmate, (optional)²
- Board coordinates (optional)
- Board auto-rotation (optional)
- Small memory footprint, around 2MB
- Clean and beautiful user interface
- And more...


- The best portable chess EVER!
- This is possibly the best computerised chess program I have played! Small, simple but infinitely playable. Excellent!
- Great UI... but it beats me thoroughly at 1 second difficulty! Thanks a lot!
- I love your game! It's one of the best chess games I've ever played.
- Deep Green made me play chess again!

¹) Sound is only available on first generation iPod touch when using headset or external speakers. The device must be unmuted.
²) Vibration must be enabled on the iPhone (Settings > Sound) for the currently active Silent/Ring state. Vibration is not available on iPod touch.

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