Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Dan Kaminsky Holdings, LLC
Price $3.00
Description Can the iPhone cure color blindness? No. But it might very well be able to correct for it! DanKam is an experimental, "augmented reality" application based on a theory of human vision that states that: 1) The visual system is trying to assign one of a small number of hues to every surface 2) Color blindness is confusing this assignment 3) It is possible to emit a "cleaner signal", such that even color blind viewers can see colors, and the differences between colors, accurately DanKam is optimized for what's referred to as Anomalous Trichromacy, by far the most common (approximately 10% of the population) variant of color blindness in which the green photoreceptor is shifted slightly towards red. However, quite a few filters have been included, and everything is tweakable. If you're color blind, feedback would be great! This has been a rather entertaining side project (I normally work computer security) and it'd be great to make DanKam even more effective.