Current Version Version: 1.3
Author ice cream studios s.r.l.
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Description “A brilliant take on distraction free writing.” — “... typing on this app is a beautiful and rewarding experience.” — “Writings: Keeps getting better.” — “... a worthy competitor in this increasingly crowded arena” — --------------------- Writings is a beautiful yet powerful plain text editor for iPad. In Writings, the whole environment is carefully crafted to let you focus on your text without distractions. Even the most advanced features are unobtrusive during the writing process, yet still available through a few finger taps. As a plain text editor, Writings does not accommodate formatting options, such as bold or italic type: these options are more properly the province of all-around word processors and layout/design programs, such as Pages. The focus of Writings, instead, is to assist you during the writing process by providing a distraction-free and effective writing environment, with the aim of encouraging the flow of your ideas: from your mind, right to your iPad. Whatever kind of texts you want or need to write, whether for personal or professional reason, you'll find Writings to be possibly the most comfortable and effective assistant for your typing. DISTRACTION-FREE When you start writing, all the controls fade out leaving you with nothing but your text. In this way, you can let your writings flow in a truly distraction-free environment, while still being confident that a simple tap outside of the keyboard will reveal all the controls you need. EFFECTIVE With Writings, moving the text cursor is as easy as tapping on the left or right page margin area. An optional accessory keyboard provides you with a quicker access to punctuation characters. And when you need to do the math, there is a smart character/word/line count that dynamically changes according to the text selection. Among the other features, Writings remembers the position where you were writing, and supports TextExpander. COMFORTABLE Writings comes out of the box with a beautiful writing interface, that you may already find comfortable and delightful for your writing sessions. Since everything is a matter of taste, however, you're free to discover the writing environment that is most comfortable for you by completely customizing the text font, size, page width and colors (including reverse color scheme). VERSATILE Group your documents according to their context by creating workspaces. Synchronize each workspace with a different Dropbox folder (even on different accounts). For each workspace, set the full path of the Dropbox folder (e.g. '/Novel/draft'), thus allowing - for instance - the synchronization with Scrivener on Mac. MADE FOR iPad Writings is not a mere adaptation to iPad of an existing text editor. On the contrary, Writings has been carefully designed from the ground-up to be truly part of the iPad ecosystem through intuitive gestures, common metaphors and extreme attention to details. ENGINEERED It's not just a matter of visual aesthetics: under the hood, Writings has been engineered with the iPad in mind, in order to achieve higher levels of efficiency and robustness. NOTE: Writings stores text files in ".txt" format using UTF-8 encoding. FEATURES --------------------- For the full feature list and to watch demo videos visit our website: SUPPORT --------------------- Write your suggestions and bug reports at to help us making Writings even better. For the latest news on Writings and its updates, follow

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