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Description MegaPoker Online is a MULTIPLAYER ONLINE Texas Hold'em game for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game lets you play live poker with real, living, breathing people across the net via 3G/WiFi/EDGE. It supports sit and go poker types. Join your friends and family to go against thousands of other players around the world. Watch the pros, or join and play with them if you think you are good enough. *daily chips will only be added when account is running low. FEATURES: - CHAT with your friends and family around the world in any international languages (General > Keyboard Setting). - Provides three different types of Hold'Em games: No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Fixed-Limit. - Supports up to 10 players per table. - Maintains ratings and levels to help you improve your game. - Lets you manage your account or change settings during the game. - Allows you to add your money while in game (when fold or sit out). SUPPORT: