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Description "Movie Challenge: Oscars® Special" is a quiz dedicated to the Oscars®. This trivia game celebrates Oscar® winners from Academy Awards® history to the present day, offering everything you need to brush up on your all important awards trivia during Oscar® season. *Academy Award(s)®, Oscar(s)®, Oscar Night® and Oscar® statuette design mark are the registered trademarks and service marks, and the Oscar® statuette the copyrighted property, of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. **Redwind Software & "Movie Challenge: Oscars® Special" is in no way associated to or endorsed by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. "Movie Challenge: Oscars Special" features: ★ Over 2000 original questions ★ Best in class Anti-Repetition Question technology ★ Three game modes: Regular, Pass 'n' Play & Blindfold ★ Eight distinct question categories ★ Eight Power-Up options ★ Six games types or 'mini-games' ★ Gorgeous graphics & stunning sound effects ★ Automatic Games Save feature ★ Detailed statistics viewer ★ Option to submit your own questions ★ All powered by the unique "Inquizitor" game engine ★ In App downloads for the most up to date content "Movie Challenge: Oscars® Special" builds on the growing success of "Movie Challenge", yet offers an amazing opportunity to test your knowledge of Hollywood's most celebrated night. "Movie Challenge: Oscars® Special" features categories like Best Picture, Directors, Actors, Actresses and more. The game types include general Trivia, True or False, Guess the Year and Quotes. All bundled into this comprehensive entertainment package. Become the ultimate Oscars® expert by topping our online global leaderboard or test your knowledge against the best to be crowned Trivia Master by virtue of having the highest score across all our games, with the "Inquizitor" Global Leaderboard. ★ Be sure to check the "Latest Fixes" In App download for the most up to date questions.