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Description Ever heard of the Dunbar number?

Its a theoretical cognitive limit to on the number people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.

✭ The Dunbar number is 150
✭ The average Facebook user has 130 friends

FriendFreak is a tool to increase your knowledge of your social network. The scoring system is based on the Dunbar number. Each round of FriendFreak consists of 10 friends. Match your friends to the answers as quickly and precisely as you can. If you can complete 15 solid rounds in a category, then you are a FriendFreak!

We designed FriendFreak for casual gameplay. Its a tool with game mechanics to amplify learning speed. Whip out FriendFreak whenever you have a few spare minutes and want to stay busy. FriendFreak works great without a network connection after you play at least once with a strong connection. Try it out on an airplane.

FriendFreak is great for:
✭ Salesmen
✭ Social butterflies
✭ Recent college grads
✭ Any regular Facebook user

Categories included:
✭ Name to face
✭ Birthdays
✭ Interests
✭ Music
✭ Movies
✭ TV Shows
✭ Relationship status
✭ Books
✭ Political affiliation
✭ More coming soon!

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