Current Version Version: 4.0
Author Iron Square
Price $2.00
Description It’s Mr. Trivia! This casual trivia game features more than 2000 questions presented to you in a classic quirky 50's game style and humor. Our trivia is not only informational but humorous, fun yet action packed. Amaze your friends when you can quote fun facts straight from our game. Complete 2 rounds of questions in a standard game and at the end, claim a faux prized based on how well you did. What kind of prizes can you win? Could be anything from a bag of nails to your own solar system. Guaranteed to make you chuckle (at least a little). In the lightning round, speed is the key. Answer as many questions as you can within 2 minutes and see how accurate you really are. The lightning round questions are pulled from all categories 2000+ Trivia Questions A Lighting Round Local Multiplayer Leaderboards 7 Trivia Categories 300+ Faux Prizes

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